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    Boshiken is an informative website dedicated to Okinawan Martial Arts & Culture. In a first time we will deal with Uechi-Ryu & Kobudo but it's ote the end of the story .....Boshiken is also interactive so feel free to send us some words.

  • Uechi-Ryu Karate

    Uechi-Ryu is a traditional Okinawan Karate-Do style based on Chinese Pangain-noon. Let's have a look and discovered a fantastice style based Tiger, White Crane & Dragone chinese boxing Techniques.

  • Okinawa Kobudo

    Called the 'Old Martial Way' OKobudo is an illustration of Okinawa History and a fantastic complement to Karate-Do.

  • Okinawa

    Also called Centenaires Island, Okinawa is a very particular Island real crossroad in South China Sea and Birthplace of Karate-Do.

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  • Hojo Undo

    Hojo Undo was designed by Kanei Uechi to help students to understand better the different technics to be used during Kata performance. Hojo Undo is regularly used during in Dojo sessions just after the warm up. Prerequisite: All the techniques are performed in Sanchin-Dachi (Basic Uechi Stance). Feet stance in Sanchin Dachi   Basic Techniques […]

  • Kanbun Uechi Statue

    Today was a very special day for Uechi Family and Uechi-Ryu practicioners. Indeed this morning Uechi Family and Okinawan karatekas were attending Uechi Kanbun Monument unveil. This monument was built thanks to a subscription launched around the world. The momunent is located  in Motobu area near Yae Mount, it’s sure it will become a must […]

  • Okinawa Kobudo Tournament

    The First Okinawa Karate Tournament is not only dealing with Karate-Do but with Kobudo too. In the same frame of Karate Kata explanation you will find on the Tournament Official Channel the presentation of the different katas accepted for the Tournament. At this time there are only 2 weapons accepted : The Bo (棒) and […]

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